With an altitude of 960 -1,600 meters above sea level, we are proud of producing Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa coffee every year. Natural preliminary processing method from 100% ripe red picking and drying in the same day. All of this helps in achieving the best possible taste of our coffees.

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Certified quality UTZ, 4C

We strive to craft the very best coffee throught the best coffee farmers are selected. We evaluating the climate, altitude, shade and harvesting processes of their farms. For us, it is a manifesto to create a new world-class movement for improving the farming and processing of coffee. Ultimately, we ambitiously envision Vietnamese coffee as the single best coffee on Earth.

Social Responsibilities

A fair trade has been offered by the international trade organization, but only a few have been able to take advantage of it. We firmly believe that it is our obligation to share a portion of our profits. Every year, our value chain strives to improve farmers' incomes by rewarding money and guiding processing to raise the price of the product.

Environmental Commitment

Improve the soil in an organic way, and at the same time, we prioritize the use of biodegradable packaging, such as biodegradable cups. The whole capsule is made from plant material (cornstarch) and is biodegradable, which can help return organic nutrients to the soil (compost) and become the material for a cycle new period.


Viaggio Compostable Coffee Capsules

Bearing the charmisma and essence of Italy, The Espresso Coffee has always embodied the spirti of being express—an instant service to savyy customers. A cradle of world’s time-tested coffee culture, each Espresso variation carries a signature taste of Italy. Viaggio Caffè develops its blends and choosing the right coffee with the flavour hidden in each bean is the deciding factor in creating a different taste and experience for coffee drinkers without preservatives, without sugars or flavorings.