1. We get to know each coffee bean well by participating in the chain of cultivation to post-harvest processing

2. We confidently create the most optimal roasting recipes to develop the taste of Vietnamese coffee.

3. The roasting process is carried out using modern technology to maintain control to the final product.

4. The packaging method is thoroughly researched and tested many times.

5. Taste each roast to keep the flavor and quality stable.

6. Always freshly roasted and continuously packed to keep the product fresh.

7. No flavoring or preservatives.

Whole-Bean Premium Espresso Coffee

Bringing the beauty and quintessence of Italy, Espresso coffee line means “Express” – serving customers immediately. Considered as the cradle of a long-standing coffee culture, each line of Espresso coffee always has an unmistakable distinctive flavor when it comes to Italy. Choosing the right coffee is also one of the first decisions that make a difference in the taste and feeling of the person enjoying it.

Vietnamese Filter (Pha Phin)

The taste of Pha Phin Viet coffee has its own mark and attracts people by its taste and traditional processing. Vietnamese people like to enjoy filter coffee because of its intensity and subtle aroma. The process of waiting for each drop of coffee to be extracted is also a wonderful experience.

Coffee Drip Bag

Cà Phê Phin Giấy

“Paper filter – Drig Bag” is replaced “aluminum filter” to make coffee, Pure roasted coffee is pre-ground and packed into Japanese paper filter. You can fully enjoy coffee with a few simple steps to enjoy delicious coffee flavor right at home, office, seminars or picnics.

Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules have come by leaps and bounds over the years and now you can have a great cup of coffee with every delicious, cost-effective, convenient Viaggio coffee capsule. With the push of a button, grab your coffee in no time and experience exceptional coffee in all its glitz.